How does Image+ use AI?

AI & ML are deployed widely throughout Image+


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Image+ uses AI & ML in a variety of ways throughout the product, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Generative AI: generative AI is used for generating new images, variations to existing images and background replacements (see Back Drop below) 
  • Machine learning: Image+ is trained in conversion signals to learn which images work best, showing more high-performing images.

Image+ also deploys AI inside many of our specific Enhancements, some of which include:  

  • Captions colors: Image+ deploys an 'AI designer' to suggest the best font colors and text background for adding captions in a way that will best suit the specific image to which the captions are being added to.
  • Detected objects: Image+ uses object detection in several ways, especially for our proprietary training dataset, but will not only provide a list of detected objects and faces within any image to help users quickly select a focal point for a pan and/or zoom motion effect. Over time Image+ will Suggest specific Pan & Zoom effect options for review, acceptance and split testing.
  • Back Drop: Image+ deploys AI to detect backgrounds behind specific objects, allowing users to replace the background of any image with an alternative.
  • Slideshow: if you have more than one image for any single image block, Image+ will generate slideshows for review, acceptance and split testing.

Image+ is constantly investing to add constnalty improving  AI & ML capabilities to the product to improve the Enhancement, Optimization and Suggestion capabilities of Image+. 

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