Cognito Forms ↔ Image+ integration

Image+ learns which images are driving most Cognito Forms activity on your site


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When you use Image+ to split-test different images, you can use signals from Cognito Forms to train the Image+ AI. The AI learns which images are generating the most leads, and subsequently displays more of these high-performing images to maximize Cognito Forms lead generation.

Rest assured that the privacy of both you and your customers is safeguarded. The Image+ AI is trained solely on anonymous signals, and no personal data is utilized in the training process.

Navigate to Image+ Settings / AI-Optimized Images / More Leads (screenshot above) and make sure the Cognito Forms checkbox is ticked. You may need to install Cognito Forms or upgrade Image+ to a plan that includes Cognito Forms integration.

Cognito Forms conversion data in the Image+ Library

Navigate to the Image+ Library to see the resulting data and to monitor how the Image+ AI is using the data.

In the example above, the image is generating 34% of Leads from just 10% of the views, measured using signals from Cognito Forms. The image is over-performing compared to others, scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars as a simple indication of relative performance.

As the Image+ AI gathers more data, it will show this image and other over-performing images more often, thus increasing overall lead generation.

Testing your Cognito Forms integration

Admin users logged into WordPress can check that Image+ is capturing training data using the "Show real-time AI training" feature in the Admin Bar at the top of the page.

Whenever Image+ detects CognitoMore Image+ integrations Forms activity, the Gravity Forms logo will be shown in the Admin Bar:

More Image+ integrations

Image+ also integrates with other lead generation plugins including WPForms, Contact Form 7, HubSpot, Gravity Forms and Marketo.

Image+ also integrates with e-commerce plugins including WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce, to learn which images are driving the most cart and checkout activity.

More integrations are continually being added. If you would like specific integrations, please see the Roadmap for integration requests and voting.

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