How do I access my account dashboard

Access your account via the top-navigation Login link


Last Update a year ago

You can access your account dashboard via the top-navigation Login link. 

From here you can...

1. Dashboard > My Sites (Manage Your Image+ Enabled Sites)

Any sites that you have installed, activated and linked to your Image+ account will be listed here.

You can administer each site (links to the respective WordPress Image+ Library) and manage users for each site from here.  

2. Manage Users

  • All Users: view all users and perform bulk actions including delete user(s) and role change(s) (Roles include: None, Editor, Admin)
  • Add New: add users
  • Profile: update your profile First Name, Last Name & set your Display Name

3. Whitelabel 

White-labeling is available on AI Team and above plans. 

Rebrand Image+ for your agency or other fully branded or co-branded ImagePlus-based service offerings.

4. Account (Account Management)

You can change your plan and upgrade or downgrade between our plans here. You can also change your payment method and access your historical receipts & invoices.

See plan details here on our pricing page.

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