How do I add an image to the Image+ Library

Adding an image to the Image+ Library for further Enhancement & Optimization is easy


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Assumptions: You have already installed and activated Image+ For WordPress

1. Navigate To The Image+ Library

After setting up Image+ For WordPress, navigate to the Image+ > Library (via left-hand "Library" navigation menu option).

2. Add New Image

Once at the Image+ Library, select "Add New" from the top left. From here, you can add an image by any of the following methods:

  1. Upload: upload a local file from your computer (opens file explorer).
  2. Media Library: access existing imagery from your target WordPress instance via the WordPress Media Library.
  3. Insert from URL: provide an image URL path, and Image+ will download the image to the Image+ Libary from the URL provided.
  4. Text-to-image: add AI-generated imagery from Image+ built-in AI-image generation capabilities (see Generative AI for Image+). 

3. Enhance Or Optimize

Once an image has been added to the Image+ Library you can perform Enhancements & Optimizations.

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