Signing Up, Installing & Activating Image+ For WordPress

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1. Signing Up

Start by signing up for Image+ to create your Image+ Account. You can sign up here. Make a note of the credentials used to sign up.

2. Install The Image+ WordPress Plugin

You can download the Image+ WordPress Plugin from our WordPress plugin page here. Install like you would any other WordPress plugin. 

For those unfamiliar with the WordPress Plugin installation process, please make a please be sure to note of where the Image+ WordPress Plugin file is saved. We'll go through the process using the traditional WordPress editor (WordPress 6.2.2) in this example. Go to your WordPress Plugins Manager by navigating the WordPress Lefthand Navigation Menu, and hovering over "Plugins" and selecting "Add New". On the "Add Plugins" page, click "Upload Plugin" at the very top. Select "Choose File" and browse to find the Image+ WordPress Plugin file you downloaded earlier (as described above). Select "Install Now" to install the plugin.

3. Activate Image+ And Link To Your Image+ Account

The Image+ WordPress Plugin needs to be made an active WordPress plugin, which is done by clicking on the "Activate Plugin" button shown after plugin installation completes. One can also perform the same activation action later by navigating to the WordPress Plugins page ("Plugins" > "Installed Plugins") and clicking Activate within the table row for the Image+ Plugin.

Image+ will then ask you to complete the "Activate Image+" process by linking it to your account sign-in. 

using your Image+ sign-in credentials from Step 1 above. 

You will then see a Get Started message. 

You have done it! You have installed and activated Image+ for WordPress. Congratulations, and welcome to the brave new world of AI-powered image generation and optimization.  

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