How do I use Generative AI to create images from text?

Tap into the power of AI with Image+ generative imagery


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With the Image+ Generative AI you can generate entirely new imagery or iterations of your current imagery with the power of descriptive text prompting. The only limit is the limit of your creative prompting.


Assumptions: (i) You have installed and activated Image+; (ii) You have navigated to the Image+ Library and added an image to Image+ ; (iii) you have navigated to the editor for your target Image+.

User Note: If you don't see the Image+ Enhancement Settings, including the Generative AI setting, ensure you have selected your Image+ for editing (by clicking on the main image whilst in add or edit mode) and also ensure you are viewing the non-Baseline image (by clicking on any image that isn't the Baseline image in the right-hand column, "Block" panel). 

1. Navigate to Generative AI

When adding a new image (ADD LINK TO "ADDING NEW IMAGE") or editing (ADD LINK TO "EDITING & ENHANCING AN IMAGE FROM YOUR IMAGE+ LIBRARY") your selected Image+ image, navigate to the Enhancement Options in the right-hand side Image+ settings Image Editing panel and expand the Generative AI settings a little-ways down.

2. Add Text Prompt

Locate the "Prompt" text box and type in a description of the imagery you want to generate in the text input box. See these guides for guidance on getting the most out of Generative AI art:

3. Generate More Examples

After the initial batch of images have been generated, you can generate more examples by clicking "Generate more alternatives" button.

4. Set Generative AI parameters

Generator: you can change the AI-generated-imagery platform used by here. Options will change over time and you can request additional platforms to be added and integrated into Image+ through Feature Requests. 

Batch Size: You can set the default number of generated images generated in any generative image request across Image+ via the Image+ "Settings" - found under the Image+ lefthand-nav WordPress Menu option "Image+" > "Settings". Under the default "AI-Generated Images" tab, you can set the number of images generated by default via the "Batch size" drop down.

Save images: by default all generated images use a Generated Image credit and are therefore saved to the Media Library. You can turn off this setting and save only the images you use via the Edit/Enhance screen as you wish.

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