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With the Image+ Pan & Zoom feature, you can turn your static images into captivating, modern visuals that truly come to life. Adding pan and zoom effects can introduce motion and bring attention to specific areas or objects within your images, making visual content more engaging and memorable for visitors. Our AI-powered detection system intelligently identifies key objects and areas of interest, making it easier for viewers to grasp essential concepts quickly. Image+ will continue to develop an understanding of your website goals and image content over time to make Pan & Zoom suggestions, using data collected from what your viewers are clicking on and our broader dataset. As with all other AI-powered image suggestions and AI-powered features of Image+, you retain full control to ignore the suggestion entirely or work with the AI to improve what has been suggested manually.


Assumptions: (i) You have installed and activated Image+; (ii) You have navigated to the Image+ Library and added an image to Image+ ; (iii) you have navigated to the editor of your target Image+ .

User Note: If you don't see the Image+ Enhancement Settings, including the Pan & Zoom Effect settings, ensure you have selected your Image+ for editing (by clicking on the main image whilst in add or edit mode) and also ensure you are viewing the non-Baseline image (by clicking on any image that isn't the Baseline image in the right-hand column, "Block" panel). 

1. Navigate to Pan & Zoom

When adding a new image (ADD LINK TO "ADDING NEW IMAGE") or editing (ADD LINK TO "EDITING & ENHANCING AN IMAGE FROM YOUR IMAGE+ LIBRARY") your selected Image+ image, navigate over and expand the Pan & Zoom settings in the corresponding drop down option (part of the Enhancement Options in the right hand side Image+ settings Image Editing panel). See image below.

If you can't see the Enhancement Options panel be sure you have selected your image in the main body of the edit (ADD LINK TO "EDITING & ENHANCING AN IMAGE FROM YOUR IMAGE+ LIBRARY") view. 

2. Pan & Zoom Configuration Panel Overview

The Pan & Zoom configuration panel allows you to select what to focus on (Focus), how much to zoom in on the focused object or point or not (Zoom) and the duration or speed of the Zoom (Duration). 

3. FOCUS: Set Focal Point - Detected Object / Manual Focal Point 

The Focus setting sets the Pan & Zoom focal point which will be panned to and/or zoomed into. This is done via the "FOCUS" drop down menu. To make this easy, Image+ AI identifies the important features of your image. Choose from the dropdown list to focus on each feature. The image with focus will be previewed in real time, so you can quickly try out some different focus effects and choose what you prefer. 

Specify your desired focal point via the drop-down menu. 

The FOCUS drop-down menu contains: 

  1. a set of AI-detected objects (the example above shows a detected object of "Glasses). Selecting an object in the menu will render a preview of your selection; 
  2. a "Set Manual Focus" option, which allows you to manually point-and-click to select the chosen area of focus. Choose “Set Manual Focus” from the dropdown and click anywhere on the image to focus there. Use this final option if the AI hasn’t identified what you want to focus viewer attention on.

4. ZOOM: Set Zoom Level To Zoom-In Or Zoom-Out 

The Zoom setting allows us to set a Zoom level for our image. 

  • Zoom In: a zoom of > 0 (e.g. 0.5, 1.1, 2.5, 3, etc.) will set the Image+ to zoom in to your selected focal point.
  • Zoom Out: a negative zoom setting of  < 0 (e.g. -0.5, -1.1, -2.5) will essentially reverse the zoom, enabling the Image+ to zoom out from a zoomed-in starting focal point. 

NB: a setting of 0 will disable zooming & panning.

5. DURATION: Set Duration Or Speed Of Zoom Effect (in seconds)

The Duration setting sets the speed of the Pan & Zoom effect set by indicating the time duration that you want the Zoom to be completed within. Numbers are in seconds e.g. 1 = 1 second.

6. Saving & Using/Embedding

You can now save the image and use/embed your new enhanced Image+ accordingly.


BEFORE (Original Image)

AFTER (Pan & Zoom Effect Applied)

 Example Pan & Zoom. Settings: Focus (Glasses), Zoom: 3, Duration: 5. | Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich.

💡Tip: Split-Test To See What Pan & Zoom Works Best - Use Image+ Optimization split-test feature (LINK TO SPLIT-TESTING) to see which Image+'s AI-powered Pan & Zoom makes the most significant difference to your goals in capturing your audience's attention and delivering your message effectively.

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